Your elemental soul, filled with a hot fire
My spiritual heart, filled with a burning desire

A desire to love, to love my one and only…..
One and only? To love so young is to be left lonely

Lonely, without love, yet I have a chance
A chance to seal this pact, seal it with one final dance

A dance? A dance with the devil shall give me life
A life so prosperous I shall end this strife

What is a strife to someone so early, so young?
The stressors of a fight so young may leave me by a rope, hung

To die so young, these are thoughts of an act so weak
I vow to never fall victim to an act so unique

These philisophical words, so verbose, shall be ended with a kiss
A kiss, a kiss from the lips I dearly miss

I end here with a memory of your sweet affection
An affection that has brought on this welcomed infection.

by J.T. Solomon