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The photography service is based on the following equipment and software:

  • Canon and Sony A7 III full-frame cameras with cutting-edge portrait lenses (35mm/1.4, 50mm/1.4, 50mm/0.95, 85mm/1.4, 70-200mm/2.8)
  • classic film camera Mamiya 645 PRO medium-frame camera with portrait lenses (80mm/1.9, 115mm/2.0)
  • classic film camera Pentacon Six TL (80mm/2.8, 140mm/2.0)
  • auxiliary equipment (Flash and LED light continuous lighting with bowens mount, portable soft-boxes, umbrellas, etc.)
  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
  • DxO Plugins

Do not hesitate to book an appointment and contact at +48 502-026-501 or info@dorfberg.com


Digital Smile Design

The basic element of the digital design process for a smile are photographic portraits of the patient. The photographs are a basic carrier of information for the software and simultaneously represent part of the patient’s complex documentation. This also includes clinical photographs, in other words, photographs taken before and after treatment, as well as close-ups of the patient’s dental area (macro photographs).

€250 / 5 hours
Dental Photography Training
1. Digital photography protocols – how to capture the right photos and use them in your planning and when presenting to your patient, 2. Camera types and settings, 3. Lenses, 4. Lighting, 5-Workshop
€100 / 3 hours
Professional Model Assistance
A professional dental model is available during a workshop slot

Sailing Photo-Tours

Whether you are a beginner, an enthusiast or a semi-pro photographer, we invite you to join us on our sailing photo-tours. Read more here: sensualphotography.eu

€1100 / 6 Nights
Basic tour (mandatory)
This payment covers accommodation on yacht (catamaran) for whole trip in a double cabin (a double bed) and non commercial model release
Yacht fee (mandatory)
This payment covers food, yacht fuel, port fees and other entry fees
Yacht deposit (mandatory/refundable)
This payment covers potential damage or breakage of any yacht equipment caused by a tour participant. The deposit has to be paid upon the registration, balance has to be paid before the event starts
Private cabin (optional)
This payment allows a cabin for a single use
Private photo-shooting (optional)
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Private Workshops

The photography workshop is designed to support you improve your photography. The goal is to start taking pictures that will release your creativity and give you a sense of pride and accomplishment; pictures that will “wow” your friends and that you would be happy to hang on your wall or print in the album. The workshops are also enough flexible to fits into your busy schedule.


€39 / 1 hour
Up to 2 hours
Including a basic training on digital or analog photography
€29 / 1 hour
Up to 8 hours
Including a studio or outdoor shooting, flash and continuous lighting, postprocessing support, and the model
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Couples and Individual Photography

This totally personalised photography package is specifically tailored to meet each couple’s preferences and needs. Rather than standard packages, there is a range of customisable services to choose from to build a solution that matches your plans and wishes perfectly. You will even have the opportunity to choose the final images yourselves, ensuring that you will get exactly the set of images that is true to your expectations and reflective of your memories of the day. Designed to be simple and flexible, this adjustable package, quoted hourly, fits ideally to romantic story, portraits, wedding, and family events. It is perfect  for any size and type of event, whether big or small.


€299 / 8 hours
Full Day Package
This package is an excellent choice in order to meet each couple’s preferences and individual needs
€49 / 1 hour
One Hour - Intimate package
This package is perfect for the couple eloping with a small group of friend and family
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Commercial Photography

Whether you are looking for a photographer for a christening, birthday party, graduation, engagement shoot, stag or hen do, anniversary dinner, farewell party, or maybe a garden party, please get in touch to discuss the options.


€59 / 1 hour
Portrait photography
Personnal portrait, family photo, editorial portrait for publishing advertising and websites.
€59 / 1 hour
Corporate portrait
Business people, work team and staff, adminstration boards, annual report, business portfolio of the people in the partners and associates in your company
€59 / 1 hour
Event photography
Conferences, conventions, launching, concerts, shows, documentary photographs of exhibitions, festivals, weddings, graduations, anniversaries, competitions, demonstrations, tournements
€59 / 1 hour
Artists and public figures
Album cover, posters, presse photos, artistic productions, web sites, blogues and calendors.
€59 / 1 hour
Architectural and commercial photography
Architecture, real estate, service or product advertising campaigns, business portfolios, theater and movie set photography,
€59 / 1 hour
Beauty and fashion photography
Model and casting portfolios for actors, musicians, artists
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Photo Editing and Retouching

Photo editing and retouching can bring out the colors and details of the scene that the camera didn’t capture due to incorrect settings and bad lighting. This service allows you to remove spots, dark spots or unwated objects and persons from images.

€3 per photo
Basic color and details enhancements, noise reduction and background distractions
€9+ per photo
Deep background modifications, removing spots, unwated objects and persons.
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Fine-Art Photography

€29 / 1 hour
Sensual and nude photographs, boudoir, outdoor/indoor portrait
€29 / 1 hour
Test shoots
Test shots (beauty, artistic, fashion, nude, lingerie) with professional studio backdrops and lighting. Bringing together my experience from fashion, sensual and portrait shoots, I am able to guide you through moving and posing so you can showcase a range of shots in your portfolio. You might come with your vision, or if you need some inspiration, I am even more than happy to brainstorm with you, and link you up with hair, makeup, style and wardrobe. Once you have chosen your 10 Test Shoot images I will send you a link which will allow you showcasing them all. From this link you may view, download to your computer, directly share to social media or send images to your friends or family.

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